Achieving endogenous, sustainable and inclusive economic development that responds to the challenges of climate change


Damongo, Savannah Region


Mon - Fri, 7 AM to 5 PM


1. Coordination and Integration of socio-economic and sectorial activities

A1.1 Promote biodiversity and climate-friendly economic opportunities that create decent jobs.

A1.2 Establish structured participatory processes towards adoption of best practices in protected area management and mainstreaming of sustainable management of conservation areas into District/Municipal Development Plans.

A1.3 Promote knowledge sharing on protected areas through dialogues, exchange visits across sectors, and cross-regional platforms for sharing best practices.

A1.4 Foster trans-boundary collaboration to establish ecological connectivity between MNP and adjoining protected areas.

A1.5 Support strategic environmental assessment for policies, development programmes and sector plans to mitigate negative impacts on the MNP.

2. Operationalization of Protected Area Management systems

A2.1 Update the PA Management plan for MNP.

A2.2 Report annually at the regional level the activities and results achieved by MNP.

A2.3 Operationalize anti-poaching systems and intelligence, annual monitoring of management efficiency and budgets and creation of tourism infrastructure.

A2.4 Pilot and scale-up sustainable funding mechanisms for MNP.

3. Participation of communities in integrated management of natural resources

A3.1 Develop the capacity of community groups towards integrated management of conservation areas.

A3.2 Roll out community-driven natural resource development models.

A3.3 Promote the representation of the populations in the structures of control, development and monitoring of MNP.